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MIdea Albania HVAC – Commercial

For commercial purposes, Midea offers a wide range of models that fulfill the needs of market.

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Midea Albania HVAC – About Us

Midea Albania is the official representative in Albania of the world air conditioning giant, Midea Air Conditioner.

Part of the Midea group, Midea Air Conditioner bases its development on air conditioning products and systems, on the latest technology and the highest quality standards, with the main focus on maximum comfort for the customer. Midea is the largest manufacturer and brand number 1 for air conditioning products and systems.

Each year, Midea is rated with over 40 prestigious awards that differentiate it in the market in terms of quality, design and competitive prices, ranking it as the most admired brand for commercial and residential air conditioning.

Present in over 200 countries around the world, and ranked by Fortune Magazine among the 500 most prestigious companies in the world, each year, over 50,000 high-capacity projects such as stadiums, Olympic parks, etc., bear the stamp of Midea Air Conditioner. Midea Albania HVAC

Midea Albania HVAC

Midea Albania HVAC

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