ClimaMaker Series

Midea Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of severe climatic conditions。 They are built specifically for outdoor installations, either on ground or roof level. The Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners are ideal for warehouses, large halls, schools, residences, or wherever the requirement is for a heavy duty unit with a hermetic scroll compressor. Midea Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners are completely assembled, internally wired,charged with refrigerant at factory, tested before ship and ready for installation. All that is required on site is connecting ducting and power supply. This greatly reduces installation work and costs. They are designed for ducted systems which will enable them to be installed on rooftops or on the ground. Midea ClimaMaker Series Rooftop Packaged are available from 6.2 to 25ton nominal (75000 to 297000Btu/h) in 60Hz&50Hz.